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The Intuitive Girls

Heather Wood

Hi I'm Heather! I'm an Intuition & Ego Teacher and I'm obsessed with helping people LOVE their lives and SHINE their unique and beautiful light in to the world and....I'm on a mission to give intuition a PR makeover. I'm a wanna be mermaid with the mouth of a sailor, I'm allergic to doing anything the same way other people do, I'm a mom, wife, and coffee addict and people with big dreams and big hearts are my favorite.

Jamie Hayhurst

Things to know about me: I'm a Reiki Master & Teacher, I love espresso, and I'm a word witch who uses the magic of words for public speaking, writing, and being a voice for those who need one. Sometimes we need a hard truth to shake things up or a gentle hand to guide us along our way...for me, the IGG is place where we can give you both. 

Links to the IGG

You can find the Intuitive Girls Guide wherever you listen to podcasts. Below are a few links to get you there! 

Laptop, Headset and Mobile Phone
My Approach
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